News This Week

Thanks to all of the families for making time to participate in conferences this week.  It’s great to touch base and take a look at student progress.  Also, make sure to stop in to sign up for a PEP TALK appointment if you haven’t already done so.  These talks will take place during the second week of April.

This week we learned about the Olympics, especially the significance of the rings on the flag.  We will continue to read and do research on this historic event.  I have linked some interesting sites to my wiki on te Social Studies  page.

Students selected a Secret Valentine on Friday and will spend some time surprising their friend this week.  We will celebrate  Valentines Day on Thursday afternoon.  If your child is interested in passing out Valentines to classmates, please make sure that all children are included.  A class list went home on Friday February 7th.  Also, on Thursday, the students who have signed up to pen pal with seniors from the Intergenerational Center will be celebrating together with their partners.

Have a great weekend!  Bundling up and getting some fresh air may be a good move since we were inside for recess for the majority of the week.  Can’t wait until we can go out and play!